Apr 17, 2014

4-18-14 WOD

7 c2b
7 front squats (45% load of squat clean)
Challenge: Squat Clean 1x5 2x3 2x2 3x1

Apr 16, 2014

4-17-14 WOD

8 min amrap 
7 Bar Facing Burpees 
7 Hang PWR Snatches 95/65 

Challenge: Tabata OHS HOLD… YES- HOLD IT!! Choose load. Load should be challenging but can be maintained holding over head the entire tabata. Back Rack during 10 sec rest. You may drop and power snatch for next round if you must… Show active and good shoulders.

Apr 15, 2014

4-16-14 WOD

12 min Amrap 
200m Row 
21 ab mat Sit ups 
12 Box Jumps 

Challenge: 90 Sec Max Sculling Sit Ups

Apr 14, 2014

4-15-14 WOD

Run 1 Mile 

Challenge: Try to establish true 20 rep max back squat (no more than 2 attempts. Reinforce GOOD mechanics with depth, torso, drive ect. not load)

Apr 13, 2014

4-14-14 WOD

4 Sets 1:1 Rest between each movement (please record total time elapsed AND reps for Ring work)
Run 400 (rest amount of time to complete run, then move on to dips/MU)
Max Ring Dips (from parallel sets or rings. Do MU if you have them)

Challenge: Complete 50 Hip Extensions (break up as needed) Sub 75 Superman's - Quality not Time