Nov 12, 2018

11-13-18 WOD

Challenge: 30-50 Total Reps for Position And Quality of Bent Over Barbell Row - Supine Grip for first half then switch grip to finish.

10min amrap
5 Hang Clean + 5 Strict Press (10 reps unbroken) - Open Athletes Use 55/35# DB
20 DU/40 Singles

10 V-Ups

Nov 11, 2018

11-12-18 WOD

Challenge: N/A

4 rds
30 KB Swings (1.5/1)
30 Yard KB Lunge (1.5/1)

300m Run  

Nov 10, 2018


*Optional post/pre workout!
100 TTB
*each time you break, complete 30 DU


For time:
2-minute handstand hold
100 squats
25-meter handstand walk
100 squats
20 handstand push-ups


For time:
2-minute inverted hold off box
50 squats
25-meter bear crawl
50 squats
30 knee push-ups

Nov 8, 2018

11-9-18 WOD

10 Minutes to work on

1 muscle Clean + 3 Hang PWR Clean (no knee hip or knee bend on muscle clean. Warm UP PVC. Know the movement before adding any load.) *Coaches note: Muscle clean is a technique used for proper leg drive and hip opening encouraging drive and power. MOST ATHLETE WILL want to bend the back once 70% effort it reached. Make sure they know this common fault and know how to avoid. We do not want disk injuries! Suggest staying at a certain load if the technique is challenged.

Double DB or KB Hang Power Clean (go for unbroken) L1-scale load
Burpee to 6’’ target (l1 no target needed) L1- burpees

Nov 7, 2018

11-8-18 WOD

Challenge: Back Squat 5X3 @85% (lighter Volume, Heavier Load.)

4 Rounds
21 Wall Balls (if you have been able hit back squats consistently - reduce reps if needed- or cut out all-together. We want legs to benefit from our squatting)
18 Pull Ups
15 Russian Swings

3 rounds
21 goblet squats
18 ring rows/ banded pull ups
15 Russian swings

12 knee push ups