Dec 29, 2010

Crossfit Mt. Adams Grand Opening

On December 4th, Crossfit Mt. Adams opened their doors and are very excited to offer services to the Columbia Gorge community. Come get you CrossFit on here in the Gorge. We are your affiliate of the Columbia River Gorge.

The Grand Opening night started off with a crossfit team workout called Team "Fran".  This workout consisted of 21 reps-15 reps-9 reps of Thrusters and Pull-ups.  For those not familiar with these movements, thrusters are a type of Olympic weight lift and pull-ups are a gymnastics movement.  These movements were explained to the group and modified if needed.  Teams consisted of 2-3 people mixing experienced crossfitters with inexperienced.

What I noticed most of all, during the workout, was the energy created by each individual.  Experienced crossfitters encouraging inexperienced crossfitters . . . each person cheering the other on as they completed the workout.  This is what it's all about . . .

After Team "Fran", a few amped participants completed a 'tug of war' competition.  I don't even remember who won . . . I just remember it being so fun that I forgot about how hard I was working!

Following some stretching, we had a raffle with some amazing prizes:  1 month crossfit membership, personal coaching sessions with Coach Alex and Coach Heather, tanning and more. 

To wrap up the evening, we took a few minutes to discuss what the crossfit philosophy entailed and how Crossfit Mt. Adams structures their crossfit program.

~ Heather

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