Mar 24, 2011

I've heard of this before . . . Cross-training

We've already shared the first two defining themes in Crossfit programming:  Neuroendocrine Adaptation and Power.  Let's move onto the third one:  Cross-training.

Cross-training is typically defined as participating in multiple sports.  Crossfit takes it a step farther and defines cross-training as going above and beyond the normal parameters of the regular demands of your sport or current exercise program.  This means that you will be training past your normal motions, metabolic pathways, sports or regular exercise routine.

If you only run between 5-7 miles at each training session, you will have weak performance running less than 5 and greater than 7 miles.  Same is true for ROM (range of motion), load, rest, intensity, power, etc.  The Crossfit workouts are strategically engineered to expand our current limits.

Crossfit places many different challenges on the body to make you GOOD at EVERYTHING, instead of GOOD at only ONE thing.

 A quick review:  So far we've learned that the Crossfit way of training improves our minds and bodies deeper than just the muscles.  This method affects our hormones and the way our body responds; it put's the "Pop & Oomph" behind our strength; and, helps us achieve the ability to be good at everything we do.

This all sounds good to me!  How about you?  Come visit us and see for yourself.

~ Coach Heather

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