Mar 17, 2011

Power: the king of performance

Power is defined as the "time rate of doing work".  

 According to Crossfit, "power" is the undisputed 'king of performance'.  In the simplest of terms, power means "hard and fast."  Jumping, punching, throwing, and sprinting are all measures of power.
Increasing your ability to produce power is necessary for elite athletes.  But more importantly for you and me, power is the definition of intensity, which has been linked to nearly every positive aspect of fitness.  Increases in strength, performance, muscle mass and bone density correspond to the increase in the intensity of exercise.  And again, intensity is defined as power.
In the prior blog, we explain the importance of the crossfit programming on Neuroendocrine Adaptation.  Power is in the same category as "NA", both are included in the defining themes of crossfit programming and are included in each Crossfit Daily Workout.

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