Mar 3, 2011

Routine, routine, routine . . . blah, blah, blah!

Are you stuck in a rut?  The same workout routine each week which might make you more fit than when you started, but will it make you the FITTEST you can possibly be?  How do you know that the routine you do in the gym is the most ideal workout for you, or anyone for that matter?

The Crossfit philosophy doesn't rely on routine.  They best say it like this, "the chief value of any routine lies in abandoning it for another."  Crossfit workouts are tremendously varied and random, to provide quality stimuli for the body.  The workouts contain short, middle, long distance cardiovascular conditioning, low, moderate, and heavy load movements.  Crossfit workouts challenge physiological functions against every realistic combination of stressors.  Developing a fitness that is varied yet complete defines the very art of strength and conditioning coaching . . . which is Crossfit.

*** For more information on the components of Crossfit, please resort back to our blog post, "Crossfit, what is it?"

To be the best you can be, whether your goal is to excel at your sport or enjoy a winter season skiing with your kids . . . no routine will take you there!  Crossfit will . . . 

 Heather Herbeck

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