May 10, 2011

Sheer Madness Productions comes to our Box this week! EVENT DETAILS.....

Hey Everyone. We are sure happy to have the opportunity to work with a local productions company to capture our awesome group of CrossFitters in ACTION during a WOD! We want to see everyone there! Event Details:

Friday May 13, 2011
Meet at CrossFit Mt. Adams Classroom
Arrive 6:45 AM
Filming WOD Begins @ 7:00 AM

We all have heard CrossFit's prescription “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional
movement.” But we all know that working out isn't as easy as just working out. Our performance is affected by many things including: diet, lifestyle changes, health, kids, ect...CrossFit is about improving our quality of life, and with so many variables effecting this, we must come together as athletes, coaches, friends, and family to reach our goals and make positive change. Lets continue to work hard and reap great results. Please RSVP by letting a coach know you will be attending this WOD, or posting a Comment of your attendance. This is a great opportunity to get together for a fun workout, and share with our community.

See you there!

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