Jun 30, 2011

6-30-11 WOD

5 rounds
20 burpees
30 sit-ups

Challenge: Tabata Push-ups
Practice: DU's for 5 minutes

Jun 29, 2011

6-29-11 WOD

4 Rounds
300 m run
5 back squats
10 supine pull-ups

Challenge: Baseline
Practice: supine pull-ups

Jun 28, 2011

Get Tight...Seriously.

As athletes you hear over and over from coaches to tighten up the core and flex those butt cheeks. Belly Button to Spine. But Why? Why do we practice mid-line stabilization again and again, with ALL movements? This is a great video that shows an example of an athlete doing all the right things..almost. He actively stretches, PNF's, uses the lacrosse ball, but those hammies still won't let up. Proper movement mechanics stem from core to extremities.

6-28-11 WOD

15 min AMRAP
800 m run

Challenge: 50 wall balls for time
Practice: KB SDHP

6-27-11 WOD

50 squats
5 pull-ups
5 dips
25 squats
5 pull-ups
5 dips
25 squats
5 pull-ups
5 dips
50 squats
5 pull-ups
5 dips

Challenge: Partner wheel barrel walk
Practice: Muscle-ups

Jun 24, 2011

Handstand Wars. Check!

Everyone practice their static handstand holds today in class. There will soon be a battle outside on one of these upcoming nice summer days!

Jun 23, 2011

6-24-11 WOD

Regional workout #1
1000m run
30 HSPUs
1000m row

Challenge: 1 min push press, 1 min rest, 1 min push press

M-WOD: Lacrosse ball shoulders

Ring Dip Pogressions

Heres to getting those Ring Dips down!

1) Static Hold.
2) Negatives - From the holding position @ the top, come to the bottom position. Head & Chest through.
3) Jumping Dips - start with both feet. progress to 1 foot to make it more difficult.
4) Putting it all together! Full Ring Dip

Getting a full Ring Dip is a lot of work. Don't be discouraged. Practice your progressions and it will come! When going through all of these progressions, remember:

Armpits to Pockets
Actively pulling the rings in towards your body
Head and Chest come through!

For those of you that are visual, and can't make it to class tonight, here is a great video of Chris Spealler explaining these progressions! Come to your next WOD and be sure to practice...

Jun 22, 2011

6-23-11 WOD

5 rounds
10 burpee pull ups
10 ring dips

Challenge: max toes 2 bar. Without dropping from bar.
Practice: Ring Dip Progressions

M-WOD: hamstrings!

How often do you floss your hammies? Thought So. Check it!

Jun 21, 2011

6-22-11 WOD

5 rounds
across the field
clean and throw down
run back
5 burpees
run back to weight push back

Challenge: tabata sit ups

M-WOD: foam roll, lacrosse ball

New Class Time for Schedule!!

Hey Everyone! Summer is here and we are changing up our schedule. Due to evening WOD's filling up, we are adding a 4:30 to 5:30 Monday thru Friday class. Coach Katie will be leading this. Bring in a friend that wants to try it out with you before this class starts to get busy! Get in and out before dinner time! yay! Be sure to pre register online, or let someone know you will be coming before class, if Coach sees no one is signed up, she will not plan on having class that day.


Jun 20, 2011

6-21-11 WOD

40 air squats
10 Du's
30 air squats
20 du's
20 airs squats
30 du's
10 air squats
40 du's
800m run

Challenge: line jumps

M-WOD: foam roll, PNF shoulders

Jun 16, 2011

WOD 6-17-11

Take it out side
3 or 5 rounds
6 squat thrusts
run across field
long jumps back

Challenge: max height box jumps

M-WOD: Work on Exterior rotation of the hips 

Jun 15, 2011

6-16-11 WOD

20 box jumps
20 HSPU's
20 Jumping lunges
20 back extensions
20 pull ups
20 calorie row
20 DU's

Challenge: superman hold

M-WOD: lacrosse ball hamstrings

Jun 14, 2011

6-15-11 WOD

5 Rounds
5 burpees
5 Kb swings
5 push press
5 wall balls

Challenge: Lateral box jumps

M-WOD: lacrosse ball shoulders

Jun 13, 2011

6-14-11 WOD

Power clean
ring dips

Challenge: L-sit

M-WOD: foam roll, Lacrosse ball shoulders & back

Jun 8, 2011

6-9-11 WOD

800m run
30 ring dips

Challenge: Flutter kicks
M-WOD: Foam roll

Jun 3, 2011

Crossfit Mt. Adams hits the White Salmon Spring Fest 2011

The White Salmon Spring Fest is an annual event held June 3, 4 and 5th, which brings over 3000+ people to the community.  This event focuses on great family fun and awesome entertainment the entire weekend.

Crossfit Mt. Adams is a community based business, which opened up this last December 2010.  We wanted to participate in this event to reach out to the community and inform people about this program.  It seems like there's a 'buzz' around the streets of WS, Bingen and HR about this "Crossfit thing"!  What exactly is Crossfit?

So to help answer this question, Crossfit Mt. Adams will be there with coaches to share with you the idea behind this type of training, share success stories AND even demonstrate our Baseline Workout (the first workout we take people through when they come to a class).  Not only will you see the coaches demonstrate this routine, or current crossfit members, but YOU . . . yes, YOU can try it, too!

Over the weekend, Crossfit Mt. Adams is offering EVERYONE - even current members - a deal on membership rates:
*  $75 for 1 month unlimited Crossfit
*  1 free month if you sign up auto-withdrawal
Just by visiting our booth, you are also eligible to win some FREE crossfit coaching and more!  

So . . . come on out!  Rain, wind or shine . . . we'll be there!  We want you to be a part of this experience . . .

For more information about this event, please visit White Salmon Spring Fest or call us at 509-493-1316.

Coach Heather

Jun 2, 2011

6-3-11 WOD

Team 5 K run
teams of 2 or 3 run 400m sprints for 5000m. for time

...Challenge: DU's 1miin on 1 min off 1 min on. for reps

M-WOD:foam roll, calf PNF

Jun 1, 2011

6-2-11 WOD

5 rounds
400m run
30 push press
...12 pull ups

Challenge: wall sit

M WOD: la cross ball. lats and sholders. PNF hamstrings