Jun 23, 2011

Ring Dip Pogressions

Heres to getting those Ring Dips down!

1) Static Hold.
2) Negatives - From the holding position @ the top, come to the bottom position. Head & Chest through.
3) Jumping Dips - start with both feet. progress to 1 foot to make it more difficult.
4) Putting it all together! Full Ring Dip

Getting a full Ring Dip is a lot of work. Don't be discouraged. Practice your progressions and it will come! When going through all of these progressions, remember:

Armpits to Pockets
Actively pulling the rings in towards your body
Head and Chest come through!

For those of you that are visual, and can't make it to class tonight, here is a great video of Chris Spealler explaining these progressions! Come to your next WOD and be sure to practice...

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