Oct 21, 2011

The Honorary Squat

"All hail to the squat"

We're re-visiting the squat for our next few blog posts, because it is just that AWESOME!  The squat is THE exercise of ALL exercises.  You are probably wondering why we're so obsessed with it? We hardly have to convince you to believe the same . . . all you have to do is read the following:

What exactly are squats?
If you’ve been stuck in a cave your whole life, let me explain what squats are. There are many different types of squats but generally, a squat is sitting down on a chair and standing back up.  However, in a workout environment, the body is loaded with either a weighted bar or dumbells.

Why are squats "what the cool kids do"?
If there were only one exercise I could do for toning and making the entire body strong, it would be squats. Because you’re working your entire body with one exercise, you’re able to accomplish a lot more in a shorter amount of time.
Also the main muscles that squats work are the muscles that are the largest in your body which release the most hormones like testosterone and human growth hormones that help you gain muscle in the other areas of your body that you have previously performed isolation exercises on.
When you rebuild muscle you need to have a certain amount of hormones to do that. The benefits of squats is that after performing them, your body releases the most amount of hormones which helps you build muscle everywhere else in your body, like your arms, chest back, shoulders etc.

No other exercise does this as well as the good old fashioned squat.

"You get greater overall muscle and strength gains from the squat than from any other exercise….Squats create an overall anabolic environment in the body that maximizes gains from other exercises [in your workout]."

says Jeff Volek, Ph.D., R.D., C.S.C.S., an exercise researcher at the University of Connecticut.

The closer you come to the half squat, where your thighs are parallel to the floor, the greater the benefits for the rest of the body like your arms, chest, back and shoulders. Just remember, squats don’t just work your hamstrings, calves and gluteus maximus they benefit your entire body indirectly.

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Reference:  http://www.gainmuscleandloseweight.com/


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