Nov 22, 2011

Importance of Rest & Recovery: Part II

You can train as hard as you want . . . day in and day out . . . but, what you really need to realize (if you don't know already), is that the body does NOT improve and get stronger while you are actually in the midst of your training session.  That's right . . . you can lift heavier weight, perform box jumps on a higher box, and sprint fast 100's, but remember . . . while you are doing these activities, you are not building an ounce of muscle or making yourself a better athlete. While these movements are happening, you're actually damaging your muscles, depleting your energy stores, fatiguing your nervous system and basically beating the crap out of your body.

"Well, then how do I improve?"

As long as there is the required rest, recovery and nutritional supplies in place, improvements can be achieved (while resting, not working).  It is during your recovery period that your body rebuilds your muscle tissues so that it is just a tiny bit bigger and stronger than it was previously.  Recovery is when energy stores get replenished and the nervous system recovers.  Your joints and tendons get the break they need and stay healthy and injury-free.

You either recover and improve . . . or you don't!

If you do not get your needed recovery or rest, you will not build muscle, you will not get stronger, you will not appear more "toned" . . . basically, you will never see the gains you are hoping for.  If you can't properly recover, you can't properly improve.

The downward spiral:  You are doing WAY too much and getting horrible results because of it, so you think "Hmmmm, I probably need to start doing even more!"  Well, you can imagine what happens from here:  worse results, regression in strength/muslce, injuries, frustration, and so on.

Think about this article . . . are you giving yourself some well deserved recovery time?

Part III will be 12 guidelines to follow to avoid Overtraining and allow for optimal Recovery.

~ Crossfit Mt. Adams

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