Dec 6, 2011

Guidelines to Avoid Overtraining & Allow for Proper Recovery

1.  Don't train too often.  3 to 4 times a week is usually sufficient.  Use the rest of the days for lighter workouts, such as yoga or jogging.
2.  Don't train on too many consecutive days.  It's when we're not training that our body is actually mending itself and becoming stronger.
3.  Have days off from everything.  Allow for 1 day off per week from all forms of exercise.  This allows both your mind & body to have a break from the intensity of your WOD's.
4.  Don't train too long.  Workouts longer than an hour actually hinder your performance instead of enhancing it.
5.  Eat right to support your goals.  Diet and nutrition play the biggest role in the recovery process.  If you aren't supplying your body with everything it needs to recover and improve, it won't. 
6.  Sleep as much as you can.  I realize that life, jobs, school and/or whatever else gets in the way, but sleep is a vital part of the recovery process.  Do your best to get as much as you can.  Athletes are encouraged to get up to 10 hours of sleep each night.
7.  Limit the stress in your life.  "Your Body is a tool, your Mind is a weapon!"  If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, frustrated . . . this takes a toll on your mindset.  You are already defeated if you enter the gym feeling this way.  Don't count on your best workout . . . Try to balance the intensity of crossfit WOD's and the intensity of life with meditation and yoga.  Trust me . . . yoga teaches you to breath and clear your mind, which will prepare you to take on that next WOD with a vengence.

Now go out there and REST & RECOVER to become the best athlete you can be! 

~ Coach Heather

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