Jan 24, 2012


Tomorrow the Paleo Challenge begins. This is our first challenge as an affiliate. Remember, this is a SIX WEEK Challenge, not the rest of your life. It is not a "DIET", it is a lifestyle. Of course we would love to see our athletes keep some, if not most, of the habits of this challenge and incorporate it in daily life, but the MAIN GOAL is giving a 110% honest effort for the next 6 weeks to this lifestyle change. Your next WOD will include a fitness analysis & measurements. You will get a  FuelBook. Fill it out. "Paleo Partners" will be given by your coach by the end of this week, check in once weekly by best means between you and partner, email/class ect. We are hosting 1xWEEKLY Paleo Socials, every Thursday @ 7:30pm at our BOX, official "BS'ness" about different paleo topics/info. The end of the challenge includes a repeat fitness assessment, measurements, returning your FuelBooks (you will get back). Prizes will be awarded. Don't ask the categories. We won't tell. Focus on your challenge. You will be rewarded! Now, print out the shopping list from this link and get your freezer and pantry ready.

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