Jan 27, 2012

Supplementing on the Paleo Diet

When it really comes down to it, a Paleo lifestyle means getting ALL of your nutrients from the foods you eat, hence no supplementation is needed (except for maybe fish oils).  However, if you're new to the Paleo method of eating, it will take you months if not years to become true Paleo.  Or, you might realize that 100% Paleo doesn't work for you, but you continue to eat "Paleo-like" most of the times - then supplementation might be needed.

At any rate, please realize that everyone has their opinion about supplementation.  This posting is put together only as a guideline.

Supplements are a tricky thing.  Most multivitamins are very poorly absorbed and literally becomes 'money that goes down the drain'.  Since nutrients act together, taking more of one nutrient can mean you get less of another.  For example, taking supplemental calcium, will reduce your absorption of magnesium.  Plus, if you lack some fat soluble vitamins - vitamin D, A and K2 - calcium probably won't do its' job anyhow.

Of course, specific conditions call for specific recommendations, but as a general rule of thumb one should try to get all nutrients from real, whole foods.  This is why it's so important to seek out fruits and veggies that are fresh and have grown without pesticides in rich soil as well as animals that have been grass-fed.

As far as your RDA (recommended daily allowance), strive to get enough nutrients over the course of a week instead of a day, by introducing a variety of foods into your diet for that week. 

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