Feb 17, 2012

CrossFit Open

We are excited to begin the CrossFit Games Open next Wednesday! For those who haven't, make sure to sign up! You do workouts at the BOX regularly, soo what's the difference doing a workout everyone around the world is also doing!? There is no reason to NOT sign up! Double negative, I know, but you get the point.

A couple updates:

The first workout of the OPEN is Wednesday. Those who are doing the open, plan on taking Mon/Tues off. Stretch out, eat some good food. Saturdays @ 10AM will be the official day for judging the WOD. You do not have to do it on Saturday, but it is encouraged. Way more fun to have a bunch of people doing the WOD together and we will have more coaches on hand for judging. Talk to your coach if Saturdays won't work.

Mark your calendar for February  23rd 7:30p.m. Dr. Jimenez will be at our box to do a presentation about FOOD, MOOD, and HORMONES.  Ever wonder whats behind food cravings? Come find out.

March 10th will be our Grand Finale for the Paleo Challenge! Be here at 5:30p.m. Hopefully all challenge assessments will be complete and prizes will be awarded at this time. Almine Barton will be our guest speaker of the night. She will be presenting much needed facts and info about "Paleo." If you are not considering eating Paleo as a lifestyle already, Almine's seminar will definitely open that box!

In addition, here's a couple thoughts of preparation for the OPEN. We suggest in investing in a couple items. These are only suggestions. Wrist Wraps. These protect and stabilize for various movements and lifts. You'll be glad you have them during overhead squats for sure. Weightlifting shoes. You need that hard bottom heel for stable, balanced lifts. Don't expect to be solid in the bottom of a overhead squat wearing vans, or any rubber cushy bottom shoe. If you don't want to invest the $$$ on a specialized shoe, check out the reebok/crossfit nano shoe. It had a harder heel, which makes it the most versatile shoe for all around CrossFitting. Box jumps/run/lifts are solid with this shoe.  Tall socks. Yep. Get em. Not only will you look really cool, but it will protect your shins during deadlifts and other movements. We don't want to act like there is a chance you MIGHT fail on a box jump, but in the event, your wound will be lessened.

Coaches want athletes competing to focus on body maintenance and technique until next Wednesday. Mobilize the tight spots. Prevent injury. Work on body positioning needed for the more technical lifts. Remind your coach what you need to work on. Add some pull ups to your warm up to condition your hands. Do the Burgerner with a pvc if you find yourself standing around.

Attitude is the biggest part of the Open. Yes, it is a competition. Top athletes will move onto the next stage of competition. To some, CrossFit is a training program, and to a small percentage of others, it is a sport. Most of us are working on simply improving ourselves. To learn new things, get fitter, and do this with amazing people. Treat the Open just like a regular WOD. The workouts will improve your fitness and add to your abilities and skills. Be sure to cheer on fellow athletes for accomplishments. Those first no band pull ups, dips, and muscle ups are gunna happen. Be there to cheer and motivate. Those who do not participate in the Open workouts simply loose a great opportunity to train and potentially take what they think not possible of themselves to the next level.  Maybe next year, we hope! (:

Let's do this!

Coach Katie, Heather, Alex, Fernando

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