Apr 12, 2012

Logging your WOD's: It's the cool thing to do!

It's easy to velcro up your Vibram's, complete your WOD and rush out the Crossfit door.  But *pause*, grab a pen and notebook and log the WOD along with your score.  Here's why it's important in your training:

We would all agree that if you perform a WOD with better results, you're getting more fit, right? Well, how do you know you're getting better if you don't remember the results from last time?  Simple . . . you write it down on a regular basis.  It's difficult to be the best you can be WITHOUT knowing what your best WAS!  Those who log their WOD's regularly know their max lifting weights by heart; they know their last FRAN time; and, they know how many max pull-ups they can do.  If you know these numbers, then you know what to beat, and the motivation those numbers provide is immense.

No one wants to do worse in a WOD than last time; it's not a great feeling.  So going into a workout knowing exactly what you have to beat for a personal record is a real kick in the butt all of us can use. Bottom line, the best Crossfitters are those who know their numbers. And how do you get to know your numbers? You log them.

Crossfit Mt Adams has Paleo food journals ($15) and WOD log books ($20) available for purchase.  These books provide you with detailed information specific to crossfit.  Ask your coach about these materials.  Or, a simple blank notebook will do.  

Don’t underestimate the importance of logging your results and knowing your results. As trainers, there is only so much we can do. Some personal responsibility is required. Once you make the switch, I promise you’ll start seeing the results.

Crossfit Mt. Adams

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