Nov 20, 2012

11-21-12 WOD

Engagement WOD
Congratulations Mombo & Elizabeth
Partner WOD 
One person cycles through part "a"
While the other cycles through part "b". You cannot move ahead of your partner through the movements. Example: Partner "a" must finish row and partner "b" must finish wall balls before moving to next movement. 2 rounds must be completed, partners must switch to other cycle of movements at completion of first round through.
A)250m row
B)20 wall balls
A)200m run
B)20 supine ring pull ups
A)250m row
B)20 sit ups
A)200m run
B)20 burpees
A)250m row
B)20 push ups
A)200m run
B)20 DU's
A)1 pull up
B)1 pull up

row for watts
3 pulls max watts

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