Jun 11, 2014

6-12-14 WOD

12 min ascending ladder
1 C2B pull ups
1 Burpee box jumps
2 C2B pull ups
2 Burpee box jumps
3 C2B pull ups
3 Burpee box jumps
4 C2B pull ups
4 Burpee box jumps ……ect.

Challenge: Take 15 Min to Complete 3 Working Rounds OF:
5 -  Gymnastics kipping swings Practice refining Gymnastics Kipping swing (trying to eliminate knee bend). Toes pointed, actives shoulders, working from a small kip to a stronger kip which is controlled via shoulders. We are going for true gymnastics kip here.
30 - Sec Tight Arch Hold (superman)
2-4 Wall Walks (consecutive)

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