Aug 14, 2014

8-15-14 WOD

Max Du’s 200m Run

Cool Down: Hammies to 90 degrees. PNF with green or blue band. Place 45lb plate on opposite hip to keep hips on ground. Leg should be straight. Super ninja with 2 bands ONLY if you have a full 90 without bending knee or raising hips off floor. We will be testing your ROM, so be diligent at this!! This week we worked LIGHT load squats. If you break through midline due to mobility, or simply staying active, keep working Pull Up Rig Squats and simply activating the midline without loss of midline throughout a body weight squat. Next week we will move to heavier load. So do your homework. Work with your coaches if you need tips or cues!  

Challenge: Box Jump for Height (one foot must stay planted)

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