Aug 25, 2014

8-26-14 WOD

10Min to Complete –record reps/time 
100 Push Ups (no palm flash) 
100 DU’s 
5 Min Rest 
(when clock reaches 15Min) 8Min to Complete- Record reps/time) 
 60 Push Ups 
 100 Du’s 
 Rest 5 Min 
(when Clock reaches 23min) 6 Min to complete 
40 Push ups 
100 Du’s 
(Workout complete at 29 Min) 
(encourage scaling from the beginning to keep reps clean and doable without increasing rabo like soreness.) Athlete only has the allotted time to complete set. They will record reps instead of time if round is not complete. 

Challenge: Tabata HS Hold

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