Sep 15, 2014

9-16-14 WOD

For time:
9 Power Cleans 155/115#
21 HSPU (Kipping is allowed)
7 Power Cleans 155/115#
15 HSPU (Kipping is allowed)
5 Power Cleans 155/115#
9 HSPU (Kipping is allowed)

(Note: Do not exceed 80% of todays 1Rep for WOD)

Taking 9 Min to find today’s 1 rep Power Clean
Every 90 Sec for 9 Min 1 Power Clean. (6 Sets) Adding load if form allows. Remember to not let feet “sumo”. Elbows nice and high for receive. Please do M-WOD for front rack position if this is difficult for you.
New athletes complete 3 Hang Power Cleans, staying at same load, OR medicine ball cleans. Staying at the same load.

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