Dec 11, 2014

12-12-14 WOD

Score Max Reps
 2 Rounds
60sec Burpees
60sec Rest
60sec Box Jumps
60Sec rest
60Sec Air Squats
60Sec Rest
60Sec Ring Dips
60Sec Rest

Challenge: Back Squat
6- 65%
4- 75%
2- 80%
2- 85%
2- 90%
*90 % is not 100%. Warm Up and be ready for your 1st set. Don’t throw on 65% and start lifting. Work your way up. Feel out those first few sets to judge how you are moving today. If not so well, stay lighter, or stick with one load. Always judge load from how you feel and how you are moving, not what you THINK you should be capable of! Full ROM. Chest up. Knees out. Full Hip crease below parallel. If its iffy don’t count it. Strive for perfection. *Coaching Note: Go Over how to properly Bail.

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