Feb 1, 2015

2-2-15 WOD

3 Rounds Every 3 Minutes Until Fail to complete all reps in that Round

7 Power Snatches 75/55
7 Burpees Over Bar

3 Rounds
7 PWR Snatch
7 Burpee Over Bar
rest remaining time
3 Rounds
7 PWR Snatch
7 Burpee Over Bar
You continue until you do not complete 3 full rounds. You are done if all reps are not completed within 3 minute time frame! Do bar facing if you think you can hang(:

Challenge: 14 E2MOM (every other Minutes)

Snatch Balance+Hang Snatch+ Full Snatch (50% 1Rep Snatch) Keep feet in receiving position for this EMOM. Keep balls of feet on the floor. Heel can come up, but keep balls on feet glued down. You will have to be quick under the bar. Practice this with empty bar and makes sure you are doing drill correctly.

Some may need to practice OHS, PWR Snatch, Or various Squat drills your coaches provide.

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