Mar 16, 2015

3-17-15 WOD

Happy ST. Patty's Day (20 burpee penalty for no green!)
partner WOD (teams of 2)
40 synchronized weighted sit ups 25lbs plate/ 15lbs plate
50 front squats 135/95
40 strict HSPU’s
25 Thrusters 135/95
40 strict HSPU’s
50 front squats
40 synchronized weighted sit ups
 *25 min time cap*
*NOTE: 1 partner does work at a time, task completion

Challenge: OHS 3X10. No racks needed, but can be used. Hit ALL reps. This is not for load. For quality of shoulder control and focus on quality of descent into the bottom of your squat. (we did this lift once on 3/3/15 those of you that hit all your reps with good form try and add 5 lbs, If you did not maybe scale back load and hit your reps)

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