Jul 26, 2015

7-27-15 WOD, L3 Testing begins

L1- 5 Rounds
3 min AMRAP
3 supine ring pull ups
6 burpees 
9 Russian Kb swings
2 min rest

L2- 5 Rounds
3 min AMRAP
3 pull ups
6 burpees
9 kb swings
2 min rest

Strict press
5@ 80%

That's right guys we now have levels. Level 1-beginner, Level 2- Intermediate, level 3-  advanced competitive athlete.  level 3 work will not be posted online. All athletes must test into level 3 to receive the level 3 programming. This is what you need to know about testing into level 3.

This is for the seasoned competitive athlete that is looking to qualify for CF Regionals. The program is one that is well thought out and builds upon itself with cycles of skill, technique, and strength. It requires a great deal of dedication, extra time in the gym, and is not something that one can casually embark on. The standards we have chosen are a combination of basic strength, skill, and mobility. Without meeting these requirements the programming will be impossible to perform successfully. 

Back Squat: 315/205 x 1rep
Front Squat: 245/155 X 1rep
Deadlift: 365/235 X 1rep - must be regular/or hook grip. No reverse grip. 
Press: 145/85 x 1rep
Clean & Jerk: 205/135 x 1rep
Squat Snatch: 135/95 x 1rep
must be completed Sub 10:00
*All lifts required to be full ROM and show stability and control. No belts. You will receive a cue when proper depth has been reached. Stability/control/lockout in overhead position will need to be displayed, in both the split position of the jerk, and, in the recovery position of the jerk. We ask that you understand this is not read as a 1 rep max. We are simply looking for a demonstration of one repetition. 

1 strict C2B
Strict Pause Pull Ups: 5/3 (3 second hold with chin above bar. Reaching with chin will not count)
Strict Supine Ring Pull Ups: 15/10
Strict Hand Release HSPU: 5/3
8/6 Strict TTB (Controlled on the way up and down. No swinging back down)
Strict Muscle Ups: 3/1
Strict Ring Dips: 15/10 (rings touch shoulders at bottom, lockout and ring turnout at top. Hollow position. Legs straight toes pointed.Rings need to be set to accommodate hollow positioning. No hip hinging)
Perfect Push Ups: 20/10
30 Sec L-Sit (from parallettes with 3-45lb plates stacked under heels. Heels cannot touch plates)
Touch Toes - yes, you should be able to easily touch your toes!   
              WOD: 13 minutes to perform the following movements unbroken. In order. Rest as needed between.   
25 GHD sit ups/40 du/HS Walk 2 mats/15/10 perfect push ups/10/8 chest2bar/21 thrusters 95/65/5 kipping TTB
*All Gymnastics movements require proper Hollow Positioning. Each movement begins and maintains the hollow.

Must be able to perform 14 out of 16 standards with virtuosity.
Must Video and send to crossfitmtadams@gmail.com for Final Review. Follow video submission standards for CrossFit Open. Multiple skills maybe performed in one video. Just make sure the ROM is clear and the weight is showed before loading barbell. Video must be in good quality. 

Must coordinate to be supervised by a seasoned L3 athlete for a minimum of 1 month before being allowed to do additional work alone. You will be added to the private Facebook L3 comp page to help facilitate this. 

Must post WOD results in L3 FB page so progress can be monitored. 

Extra L3 work is done prior to regular scheduled classes. You must show up 30 minutes early, thoroughly warm up, and have the extra work done before the next scheduled class. At that point you must join the rest of the class, even if you are not finished. Some days the extra work may feel like a rush with time provided. We will be mixing up the skills and that will put a time crunch on certain days! Just Do your best and stay positive if you did not finish!! CFMA will do the best it can with limited space! 

Do not expect additional work included daily. There will be transitional weeks, which include deloading and testing. Do not expect to “make-up” missed skill work or WODs. There is no such thing. If you miss a day, you missed a day. Move on! 
Experienced L3 will be expected to set themselves up with minimal to zero coaching. You must be able to stay moving well through a workout. If we notice an athlete not setting oneself up correctly with either loading or gymnastics work appropriately for movement in a WOD, we will re assign a seasoned L3 athlete to you or stop your work to scale you. 
You could possibly be given an additional skill to be tested for you to complete before entering L3 Programming. This is to make sure athlete will be entering L3 safety and will be successful with the skill work and workout provided. 

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