Aug 9, 2015

8-10-15 WOD

L3 “Ryan”  5 RFT 7MU/21 Burpees to 1’Target
L2 15 Min Amrap
10 Dips
7 Strict Pull Ups
21 Burpees

L1 15min Amrap
7 supine ring pull ups
7 press
300 m row

Challenge: Strict Press
Max Reps @ 75%  *You all should have the math ready before you do your sets. last week I saw#FAILS so many fails!! !! DO THE MATH!! you should not be at your 1 rep at any point. You are doing the press cycle and lifting a percentage of the 1 rep we tested. Be nice to your coach and be prepared! Example. your 1RM is 75#: rep scheme with weight as follows:
5@75% (75#) = No higher than 56#
4@80% (75#) = No higher than 60#
3@85% (75#) = No Higher than 63#
2@90% (75#) = No Higher than 67#
Max Reps @ 75% (75#) = No higher than 56#

If you do not understand what a percentage is, ask your coach. At this point we should have everyone on board and understanding that this is a percentage of 1 rep! If we catch you not doing your math and failing because you are attempting a new 1 rep max at some point during this, you may be assigned to burpee duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We want you all to be successful~!!

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