Aug 27, 2015

8-28-15 WOD

Teams of 2 Complete the Following For Time! (if a team of 1 cut reps in half.)
Choose one Weight for ALL barbell Movements. You should be able to do sets of 10’s thru lifts

For Time:
100 DU’s (L1 150 Singles)
80 TTB (L1- Kip leg raises heels above hip)
80 Back Squats (L1- Gobblet Squats OK)
100 Du’s (L1 150 Singles)
60 OHS (L1 Front Squat/Gobblet OK)
60 Burpee Over Bar (L1 Regular Burpee OK)
100 Du’s (L1 150 Singles)
40 Pull Ups (L1 Gobblet Squats OK)
40 Thrusters (L1 Front Squat/Gobblet OK)
100 Du’s (L1 150 Singles)

Team Cap 28 Minutes
Individual Cap 17

No Challenge set up for WOD

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