Aug 30, 2015

8-31-15 WOD

suggested load 95/65
Complete 3 Rounds:
10 deadlifts
10 Hang Cleans
10 S2O
10 Front Squats
Remaining Time: Max Front Rack Lunges
*Each Time you Break - Perform 10 Burpees
Score is Reps of Lunges or Total

EMOM Back Squat X 1 rep for 6 sets Load by percentages/effort 50,60,70,75,80,85
THEN EVERY 2 Minutes X 1 rep
90,95,100,100, no more than 2 attempts@ 1RM. NO EXCEPTIONS. For cycle use the the heaviest load lifted with NO FAILS. You may even need to lighted a bit from here to hit the sets.
7 Week Squat Cycle. Following our 1RM Test today, the following 7 weeks to follow:

                      Sets and Reps     Load             Max Rest Period

Week 1
                           4x5                  70%              2-3 minutes
Week 2
                           5x5                  75%              2-3 minutes
Week 3
                           3x3                  80%              2-3 minutes
Week 4                
                           5X3                  80%              2-3 minutes
Week 5       
                           7X3                     80%              2-3 minutes
Week 6                 
                           8X2                  85-90%          2 Minutes
Week 7
RE-TEST            10X1    50,60,70,75,80,85,90,95,100,101+,101+, no more than 2X@ 1RM. 1min 1st 7 sets. Then 2min..
Program Notes

1)  7 Week Back Squat Cycle. As with the press cycle, this cycle will be programmed on Mondays. To make accessible to the highest number of athletes. If you have been on the fence about getting knee sleeves. Now would be the time to invest. No belts for cycle. No exaggerated breaks at the top during sets during the cycle. Trust me. If you break at the top for a long time, your strength will not benefit as much. ESPECIALLY, the last few weeks.

2) As you guys know, we periodize the use of supportive gear. This goes for our wods and this program as well. I'm a big believer that raw strength will carry over to better numbers in gear, so I use gear (belt ect..) sparingly. Save it for competition. If you don't compete, you shouldn't being wearing a belt. Learn to move without the bandaid and you will move better. period. and you will lift more when it counts. When you compete or train for Comp, then wear the shit out of your gear! I encourage knee sleeves for this for some of you that need the extra warmth to keep the joints warm between sets. This we believe in! If you tend to stay warm regardless, I wouldn't worry about it.

2) The rest periods are general guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules. Remember, that the nervous system takes anywhere from 5-20 times as long as the muscular system to recover, so give yourself plenty of rest to ensure you're fresh for each and every set. By plenty of rest think 2-4 minutes. 5 minutes is TOO long. If you're having to rest at top to get the next rep, you are too heavy. Lighten %.

3) Always squat with the intention of improving ALL your movements AND your OLYMPIC LIFTING. If you're squatting heavy loads to a sketchy depth, your squat clean is going to reflect this. Move less weight, lower, with better technique, and see ALL your Lifts and other movements improve. Keep this in the back of your mind. Stick with your intentions. If you don't care about your OLY #'s and other movements, then by all means, power squat the crap out of your heavy loads. I will just make fun of your goofy looking squat when I see you.(::::;

5)Leave your ego at the door your first time trying this program. I'd leave a few pounds off the bar the first time around just to get used to the workload. If you choose not to heed this advice, don't say I didn't warn you! We will run this again after a deload, so be on the lighter side for a successful experience the first go around.

6) Mobilize. Mobilize. Mobilize. Have Bands set up on the rig for hip mobility. Barbell Smash before/after you squat. IT band smash. Couch Stretch. Spend 1 hour 3X week minimum for hip, hammie, glute, and IT band health. It's ONLY a few weeks. Be serious about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or your coach will throw rollers and lacrosse balls at you!!!  

7)Have Fun - Lift heavy shit!!!!!!!! Cheer on your gym partners! These sets won't be fun at times!!! Keep on encouraging one another. Videos are fun for us for we can see your progress!!! Send em our way so we can share your badassness.  

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