Sep 20, 2015

9-21-15 WOD

7 Min Amrap
30 Du's
10 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups

7 Min Amrap
30 Singles
7 Knee Push Ups
7 Ring Rows

Challenge: Back Squats Week 3:  3x3 @  80% one breath at the top. Rest No more than 2-3 minutes. I know some of you did not add the 5% last week. Be careful with this week as you now need to increase by 10%...You may need to back off %. Warm up with barbell-no-load- minimum 5-10 reps. Then bump up slowly in weight. Squatting 2 reps at each increment. For Example, If am at 205lbs for 80%. Squat barbell until warm. Squat 135 for a few reps. Squat 155 for 2. Squat 175 for 2. Squat 195 for 2. Load 205. You are ready to start. Our point,don't stack on a bunch a plates and start your 3X3. Warm Ups take time. You want a good warm up. (:::::::

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