Oct 23, 2015

10-26-15 WOD

Great Job to everyone that was able to hit the back squat cycle and PR that Squat!! Hard work pays off!! Missing you all in TD and hope to see you in a couple weeks!! Now onto the MONDAY!
7 Min Amrap
5 Strict Pull Ups
7 Push Press
20 Du’s
Rest 5
7 Minutes to Build to heaviest Clean and Split Jerk. (C&J minutes 12-19)
Immediately into
7 Minutes to Build to Heaviest Strict Press (Press minutes19-26)
*athletes completing L2 today should be proficient in ALL above lifts/movements and be able to set up with minimal assistance.

7 Min Amrap
5 Negative Strict Pull Ups
7 Push Press
30 Singles
Rest 5
7 Minutes to Complete 3X10 Front Squat.
Immediately into:
7 Minutes to Built to a feel good heavy Strict Press

Challenge: Warm Up: Junk Yard Dog + Press, Push Press, and Clean and Jerk Drills

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