Dec 22, 2015

12-23-15 WOD

Please Choose between 2 options of todays WORK. We are not doing both.
Warm Up:
Row 2 Mintues then as a group:
Snatch Balance PVC - Neural Spine. Pause in an active squat, as low as you can w/ as minimal loss of lumbar as possible. AS GROUP. Balance. Receive. Pause. Stand. 3 Sets of 3.

Sots Press Facing Rig. Focus on Upper Torso and Hip mechanics over depth here. 3X3 - Light Load Drill - Barbell is perfect.

Todays Work Includes:
Challenge: 15 Minutes to build to today's feel good heavy snatch balance. If major butt wink is present catch as low as you are able before losing the lumbar. You will figure this out in the above skills. Goal Consistency. Not Load. Add load when consistency and mechanics are present.

WOD: Squat Snatch
Build to todays Feel Good Heavy. Again. Consistency here. No more than 3 failed attempts. Feel Good Heavy means heavy load before any loss of mechanics.

B) Row 5 K.

*Note: This can be all out of a recovery “light” row. Let your coach know if you plan on choosing this option. (:

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