Dec 28, 2015

12-29-15 WOD

L2 (CFMA did wall Ball WOD, CFTD/S did annie, tomorrow you will do the appropriate WOD, the one you didn't do today)
14 Min Amrap
60 Wall Balls - 90 DU
40 Wall Balls - 60 DU
20 Wall Balls - 30 DU

L1 -
14 Min Amrap
1000M row Buy In
7 Wall Balls
25 Singles

Challenge: 5x2 TEMPO FRONT SQUATS 4 seconds to bottom, HoldBottom 3 Full Seconds. Pick a good load and stick with it. NOT building to a “heavy two”..

 (CFMA did wall ball WOD- CFTD/S did ANNIE, tomorrow you the appropriate WOD)
ANNIE 50/40/30/20/10
DU/AbMat Sit Ups

Challenge: For Quality 4 Sets
10 Back Extensions (S- 15 Supermans)
10 Bulgarian Split Squats each LEG
5 Tall Box Jumps or Seated Box Jumps

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