Dec 6, 2015

12-7-15 WOD

For Time:
20 Du’s (L1X2 for singles)
15 C2B
10 Hang Cleans (unbroken)
30 Du’s
10 C2B
15 Hang Cleans
40 Du’s
5 C2B
20 Hang Cleans (goal unbroken but ok if split up)
60 Du’s

Challenge: 20 Minutes - Max Weighted Strict MU. Goal5#
Scale 1- unweighted Scale 2- EMOMX20min - Banded Turn Over and finish the dip Scale3- Practice pulling rings to arm pits in the false grip. Please complete some dips here too w/ band if needed. Any scale here athlete needs to begin in a good false grip position.

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