Dec 7, 2015

12-8-15 WOD

L2 - 20 Min Amrap
3 Rope Climbs (start on a different movement if ropes are taken or sub 3 strict pull ups for each climb)
20 Sit Ups
30 Ball Slams
40 Russian Twists

L1 - 20 Min Amrap
Row 200 M
10 Ring Rows OR 3 Negative Pull Ups
20 Sit Ups
10 Ball Slams
10 Russian Twists

Challenge: AS PART OF WARM UP AND to be completed as a group : PVC Tall Jerk Sets of 3. Sets depend on how quickly you hit good foot mechanics. Aim for no more than 5 sets total. Then: Split Jerk 7X3 - Pause in dip and pause in receive. If you are having to constantly adjust the footwork, you are too heavy.

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