Jan 31, 2016

2-1-16 WOD

Snatch Pull + Eccentric to Floor 4X3 Complete @ 60% of 1RM Snatch
Between Sets Complete 2 Power Snatches from Position 1 (pockets). Same weight. Start shoulders vertical over bar in slight dip. Only use the “up” for speed. No re dip or leaning forward.

10 Min Amrap
5 Power Snatches (Straight Settable) (Open Athletes AIM for 115/75)
10 Deadlifts
15 Box Jumps

15  Min amrap
9 Step Ups
10 Supine Ring Rows
15 KettleBell Sumo Deadlifts

Jan 28, 2016

1-29-16 WOD

20 Min Amrap
2,000m Row Buy In
Then Max Rounds
50 Air Squats
10 Hang Power Cleans straight settable

Row 1500m
30 squats
10 hang pwr cleans
30 sec plank

Jan 27, 2016

1-28-16 WOD

4 Rounds
90 Sec  Weighted Plank 45/25 (accumulative)
10 One Arm KB Snatches R (from hang)
10 One Arm KB Snactches L
10 TTB
20 OHS w/ KB - Must do 10 on right first, then switch to left.

15 Min Amrap
60 sec plank (accumulative)
12 KBS
10 OHWL w/ Bell (switch sides each round)

Challenge: Single Arm KB Sots Press 5X3 (3 reps each side).Complete 1 Turkish Get Up on each arm between sets.

Jan 26, 2016

1-27-16 WOD

12min AMRAP
10 Burpees
25 Double-Unders (L1 - 50 singles)

Challenge: Clean grip deadlift 4x3 85% 1RM Clean (Use legs and position torso vertical @ pockets) This translates into the clean. Complete 8 Single Arm DB presses on each side between sets. 

Jan 25, 2016

1-26-16 WOD

L2 - Teams of 2
80 Calorie Row
80 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
80 S2O (95/65)
80 TTB
80 S20
80 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
80 Calorie Row

L1 - 15 Min Amrap
15 Sit Ups
9 Step Ups/Jumps
7 press w/ Barbell

Challenge: Snatch Pull + Eccentric to Floor 4X4 Complete 12 Back Extensions between sets
https://youtu.be/KhVNToWsRO0    (thiss vid he doesn’t touch ground, and is on plates, ignore these two peices.)

Jan 24, 2016

1-25-16 WOD

WALL BALL 20/14#
400 m AFTER each set of Wall Balls

14 Min Amrap
10 Dumbbell Thrusters
200m Row

SLDL(straight leg deadlifts) 3X8 @ around 70% 1Rep Clean

Jan 23, 2016

1-22-16 WOD

25min AMRAP
400m run
7 burpee pull ups (bar 6 in off reach)
10 front squats 135/95 (L3 165/115)

tabata bottom to bottom air squats

Jan 22, 2016

CrossFit Open 2016

Hey Guys!
The CrossFit Open is upon us. Some of you have heard of it and some have not! I have registered every year since I started CrossFit with Alex 5 years ago! My first open WOD was 7 minutes of Burpees! I got 95 reps. Every year I have improved my overall ranking in the OPEN. Each year it’s been about the experience. I’ve always had a “I’ll do what I can do attitude” when it comes to competing.  Each competition I’ve done has been different, but has been a learning experience for me. I get nervous, like really really nervous, like quite, Imma F*k Sh*t up nervous, but I’m trying to tell myself what I’m going to do right before the clock starts. I guess I’m nervous excited. So it’s super fun for me. I enjoy it. Get my ass handed to me at times, PR at times, and see my homies. My biggest obstacle for me as an athlete, up to date, is myself. Believing in myself. Last years Open I almost didn’t register simply because Alex exudes enough emotional stress during the 5 weeks equivalent to Hayden Christensen from Star Wars with a whooping cough and irritable bowels syndrome, with needs, lots of needs...See: “A day in the life of ALEX RILEY during the open or a competition” below:    

That’s a summary of what begins days before the open, and lasts throughout the 5 weeks.  I decided it would be best for both parties, for me to step down, and be there every step of the way for him as he competes through the open! He registered me anyway and I didn’t want a blank score, so I competed! The first two WODS I did not repeat and realized that I was in a position to compete for regionals. All and all I probably would have made it if I would have taken those first two a little more serious. Or maybe I would have done worse. Who knows! I was upset as I was so close to making Regionals and didn’t make it, BUT, I DID NOT go into it training for that purpose.  So I put my sights on Competing this year. To train for the OPEN and REGIONALS! I was doing awesome until I hurt my back 6 months ago. This was not in training. It was simply a new movement I was being introduced to at a clinic, and I woke up and couldn’t put on my socks the next day. My back still bothers me. 2 Months, no training, then a re injur after getting back to feeling better, back to time off,  and I am just now starting to add intensity to some movements! Moral of my story is, I compete with myself, but I really love the push of others during competition. Sometimes this hinders me, as maybe my version of what I am capable of, is being limited by Myself! But, it has allowed me to enjoy competitions, and the open, year after year. I do not PLAN on registering for the 2016 open. I feel the open is to test your fitness. It’s a competition to me and I want to be a part of it and push myself. If I register, I will try and compete for a score I am capable of pre injury. My training right now is simply to move and not re injur. So, as much as I can tell myself to just take it easy, at 3,2,1 go, I know I’ll go hard. I feel it’s a smarter choice for me to not compete at the moment.  Weather you are competing against yourself and pushing yourself against you, or competing for a spot for regionals, it is stressful. We ALL want to see ourselves do what we feel we should be capable of. I would love to support everyone who chooses to test their fitness this year by competing  in the OPEN. Do one more rep more rep that you think you are capable of! Do one more rep for me! I worked hard to reach my goal of being the best shape of my life for the 2016 OPEN, and I feel I did not meet this goal. I feel I have failed. I know things just happen. But I really felt I had a shot!
I encourage each athlete to consider registering. It will push you, and our community. In the best way, if you allow it. I encourage everyone to throwdown and go into it with no expectations other than to get a great workout and to be pushed hard! It’s not about the score. It’s about community and accountability. The open is made from a little bit of glitter and unicorns, and a lot of sweat! Don’t sign up and beat yourself up with negative self-talk for 5 weeks, or after a workout doesn’t go to plan. That’s not fun. If you feel “I should have done better” and this is a reasonable statement, then plan on redoing it during a re do time/day! If it goes better awesome, if not, move on. Don’t attach any negativity.  You have to sign up and go through the workouts knowing you put in what you have in THAT DAY. That you are stronger, fitter, and a better human, for getting a score, to enter to your name, at your gym! And supporting friends that are in your shoes, working hard to get through that gnarly workout. We don’t CrossFit because it’s easy. We CrossFit because it kicks our ass and we see results, all within a community of friends!
I may end up registering and entering a few reps. Just purely because I hate to not register. But I know I cannot compete to test my fitness right now. So, any of you guys that are thinking about it,  on the fence, or maybe haven’t even considered it, I do encourage you to take advantage of the upcoming OPEN, it WILL test you in the best ways, and you WILL be fitter at the end of the 5 weeks. Just make sure you have a good mindset entering, and throughout the 5 weeks. It is a competition. Everyone handles them differently! In the event you are not enjoying the OPEN, please contact Alex or Myself. We would love to chat about your experience! Right now, I will Plan on an OPEN meeting next Saturday the 30th at 9am at CFTD, this will serve as an open prep meeting and replace the WOD this day. Class at Mt. Adams will be canceled this day. We will need everyone’s help, so please show up if you can make it!!


See you all Soon!


Jan 21, 2016

1-22-16 WOD

Strict handstand push ups (sub a seated Dumbbell press)
KB swings 53/35
* Example (10 HSPU’s, 20 KB swings, 9 HSPU’s, 18 KB swings…..etc….

Seated DB Press
KB swings

2 sets
Max C2B pull ups
*If you don't have C2B pull ups, 3 sets max strict pull ups, use band’s if needed.

Jan 20, 2016

1-21-16 WOD

7min AMRAP
Burpee’s to a target 6 inches from end of reach

5 rounds
10 bent over rows with DB’s or KB’s directly into
Max ring dips (weighted if possible) scale with push ups
rest 60 sec

Jan 19, 2016

1-20-16 WOD

1000m row
100 Du’s
400m run
50 Du’s

15 min gymnastics Practice
pick two and work on them for 7ish min. each
-L-sit to press
-Freestanding Handstand push up
-freestanding handstand
-Handstand walk
-Strict Handstand push ups
-one handed handstand hold
-Handstand hold
-Nose to wall Handstand Hold
-Wall walks for quality 3 sets of 3
-Donkey kicks

Jan 18, 2016

1-19-16 WOD

5 Rounds
20 Floor Wipers 95/65 (scale to a weight you are able easily press up for this movement)
12 thrusters 95/65

15 min AMRAP
5 front squats
5 push press
15 sit ups

15 min to complete
5 sets
1 squat snatch
3 OHS with
*2 sec pause in the receiving position, and bottom of the squat, work up to today's feel good set, focus on form over load!

1 Hang power snatch
Work technique

Jan 17, 2016

1-18-16 WOD

The Tiny tennis players version of fight gone bad
Happy birthday Justine
3 rounds
1min 20 foot shuttle sprints
1min push ups
1min box jump overs 24/20 (No hip extension needed)
1min OHS 65/35
1min Hang cleans 65/35
1min rest

tabata sit ups

Jan 14, 2016

1-15-16 WOD

pull ups
front rack lunges 95/65

15 min AMRAP
6 ring rows
8 lunges
250m row

3 rounds
10 bent over rows
max ring dips

Jan 13, 2016

1-14-16 WOD

7 Min Amrap
Increase by 2 reps each rounds
2 power Clean and Jerk
2 Bar facing Burpee

12 Min Amrap
5 Hang power Cleans
5 Shoulder 2 Overhead
10 Burpees

5x5 push press, work up to today's feel good set of 5

Jan 12, 2016

1-13-16 WOD

3 Rounds
500 M Row
50 Abmat Sit Ups
25 Box Jumps (L1 Step Ups Ok)

Challenge: Tabata Hollow Rock Rest. 1 Min K2E on Floor. Rest 1 Min. Tabata Plank (forearms)

Jan 11, 2016

1-12-16 WOD

15 Min Amrap - If you complete all Reps - You are finished .  (aim for around 60% of today's controlled feel good heavy - If you want to math off your 1RM - Do not exceed 51% here) 
30 Front Squats    - 20 Pull Ups - 20 Dips
20 Front Squats   - 15 Pull Ups - 10 Dips
10 Front Squats    - 10 Pull Ups - 5 Dips

13 Min Amrap
30 Min Weighted Push Up Plank
12 Gobblet or Front Squats
Max Pull Up Hold

Challenge: 15min Squat Clean. Build to todays Feel Good Heavy. This does not mean 1 rep. This means a heavy solid rep. L1 Power Clean to Front Squat practice. 

Jan 10, 2016

1-11-16 WOD

30 power snatches for time
135/95 (scale as needed)

30 hang power snatches
(focus on form)

OHS 5x4 Hold 3 seconds in the bottom
*Note: we are adding one more rep from last week so the load may need to be lightened, this is for building stability in the receiving position of the snatch, so focus on stability through the shoulders and don't let your hips sink under you! stay tight!

Jan 7, 2016

1-8-16 WOD

3 Rounds
25 K2E
25 Push Ups  (legit - no palm flash. body should be planked - upper chest touches, not lower. Hips off the floor)
25 Step Farmers Carry

Challenge: Max Strict pull ups - 3 sets.

10 Min Amrap
5 Push Ups
15 Sit Ups
20 Step Farmers carry
30 Sec Plank

Jan 6, 2016

1-7-16 WOD

Death by Thrusters 95/65 L1- Gobblet Squats OK/or Dumbbells
Min1-1 thruster
Min2-2 thrusters

Challenge: Tababta Side Plank (switch side each round)

Jan 5, 2016

1-6-16 WOD

14 Min Amrap
20 Burpee Box Jump Overs
30 KBS
40 Sit Ups

20 Cal Row
10 Set Ups or Jumps
15 KBS
20 Sit Ups

Challenge: Strict Press 3X10 (goal is fast/quick finish each rep)

Jan 4, 2016

1-5-16 WOD

5 - 2000m Rows - Goal is similar tempo each set, rest about 4 min between sets
(this may take longer than one hour for some, do 4 rounds if needed)
Challenge: M-WOD needed areas between sets.

Jan 3, 2016

1-4-16 WOD

7 Power Snatches - 75/55 - These should feel light
30 Du’s - (L1 60 singles)

Challenge: OHS 5X3 Hold 3 seconds in the bottom.