Jul 28, 2016

To those whom may concern

For those that did not know, I am currently in Idaho working with my truck hauling concrete on a freeway repaving project at Lookout Pass.The camping spot I am currently at does not have any service, but it does have crappie WiFi. I may be moving to a new spot next week. So if any of you guy need to get a hold of me, Facebook me or email crossfitmtadams@gmail.com or truckingkanda@gmail.com. Coach KT is currently busy trying to move forward with the building project! So most of her time is taken up with that, so if any of you have time to help her out, maybe let her know, she may be able to use the help. I'm looking forward to returning and finishing the building this year!! Fingers crossed! Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.
Coach Alex

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