Oct 31, 2016

11-1-16 WOD

Back squats
90sec rest between sets
(pic one load that is challenging but not compromising to form!! It's ok to add or take off weight if needed)



Oct 30, 2016

10-31-16 WOD

If athlete is not dressed up 4 min max burpee’s
If athlete is dressed up Max static ring hold (top of dip)

15 min AMRAP
9 T2b
15 Air squats
21 Sit ups
15 lunges (walking or stationary)

15 min AMRAP
9 V ups
12 air squats
15 sit ups
12 lunges (stationary)

Oct 27, 2016

10-28-16 WOD

30 clean and Jerks 135/95

Post WOD Challenge
7 min face up chinese plank

(heels on a box shoulder blades on a box, it is a good idea to put a pad under shoulders)

Oct 26, 2016

10-27-16 WOD

Challenge No challenge prep for WOD

3 rounds
800m run
50 wall balls

Post wod mobilize hips, quads, and glutes

Oct 25, 2016

10-26-16 WOD

3 attempts
12’ shuttle run for time (2 matts)
Start at one end of a matt, run down (2 matts) touch the line with your hand, run back touch the start line with your hand, run back touch end line with your hand, run back accross start line to finish. (down and back twice) this is not the true shuttle run but what we will do with limited space!

24min EMOM (6 rounds)
mind 1- 12-16 Box jump overs 24/20
Min 2- 30-40sec Nose to wall HS hold
Min 3- 5-10 strict pull ups
Min 4- 3 power cleans (these will be performed as singles, focus on form: foot position, shoulder blades, tight core!)

Oct 24, 2016

10-25-16 WOD

Straight leg deadlift
3X8  3 sec down, 3 sec up (count for each other)
Stay lighter focus on flat back and shoulder blades actively pinching together

15 min AMRAP
20 Du’s (L1 scale: single unders)
20 sit ups

20 kb swings

Oct 23, 2016

10-24-16 WOD

3 rounds
Max hanging L-sit (set a box under your heals of a target height, then do not let your heels hit the box, if possible)
SCALE: with bent knee (make sure to challenge yourself, the less bend in your knee the more challenging this will be)
10 bent over rows (focus on a good scapular position)

10 min AMRAP
16 Floor wipers
7 Burpee’s over bar

Oct 20, 2016

10-21-16 WOD

10 min EMOM 3x back squat

13 min AMRAP
15 Pull ups
20 Wall balls

Oct 19, 2016

10-20-16 WOD

4 rounds
30 sec side plank (right side)
30 sec side plank (left side)

5 rounds for time
20 Kb swings
30 box jumps

10 min AMRAP
15 kb swings

20 step ups

Oct 18, 2016

10-19-16 WOD

Row for watts
Set the rower on watts, with a dead fan, use three pulls of the handle only to see how many watts can be produced, score highest score. No more than 7 try’s

10 min AMRAP
1 Strict hspu’s
1 deadlifts
2 Strict hspu’s
2 deadlifts
3 Strict hspu’s
3 deadlifts
4 Strict hspu’s
4 deadlifts
5…….add 1 rep each round

Same WOD
Scale with
Seated kb press
Kb deadlifts

Oct 17, 2016

10-18-16 WOD

Death my du’s
Every min on the min add 10 Du’s till fail start with 10
If you are learning Du’s sub 5 rounds 40 sec max du’s 20 sec rest


10min AMRAP
10 sit ups

5 burpees

Oct 16, 2016

10-17-16 WOD

Take 10-15 min to warm up to today's feel good power snatch to 2 ohs

5 rounds
400m run
15 OHS

5 rounds
200m run

18 goblet squats

Oct 13, 2016

10-14-16 WOD

Every 10 minutes, for 40 minutes (4 sets), perform the following for times:
500 Meter Row
400 Meter Run
50/40 Push-Ups

Oct 12, 2016

10-13-16 WOD

In teams of two, alternate full rounds to complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
9 Burpee Box Jump-Overs
9 Kettlebell Goblet Squats

Solo, and step overs are okay!

Challenge: Tabata Wall Sit

Oct 11, 2016

10-12 16 WOD

For Time
75 Pull Ups
75 Dips

*Take care of your hands here, stop bar work before tearing, sub something out. Cap 20 Minutes

L1 - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Strict Pull Ups/Dips

Challenge: HS WALK

Oct 9, 2016

10-10-16 WOD

5 Rounds
12 Front Squats 115/75
10 L-Pull Ups

18 Min Cap

15min amrap
10 squats front/gobblet ect
12 Jumping Pull Ups

Challenge: Squat Clean. Take 10-15 Minutes to work technique and solid singles. Build in Load. Or work at a single load, Do not exceed 15 total reps.

Oct 6, 2016

10-7-16 WOD

20 Min AMRAP
10 Back Squats - do not exceed 135/95
10 Strict HSPU

L1* Coaches Choice

Challenge: Warm Up to Back Squat Load

Oct 5, 2016

10-6-16 WOD

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters
8 Strict Pull-Ups
20 MIn Cap

15 Min amrap
Row 400
18 Jumping Pull Ups

Challenge: 10 Min EMOM Hang PWR Clean. X3 reps. Your only rest after the initial deadlift, is on your shoulders, meaning, Do not stop your power and speed by stopping with the bar at the quads.

Oct 4, 2016

10-5-16 WOD

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
20 Jumping Lunges *L1 regular Lunges
20/15 Hand-Release Push-Ups *L1 Negatives or Knee PU
Rest 7 minutes
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
20 Box Jumps *L1 Step Up OK
10 Deadlift

Challenge: Work Up to todays deadlift weight for WOD. Sets should be touch and GO’ during WOD.

Oct 3, 2016

10-4-16 WOD

In teams of two, with only one partner working at any time, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 25 minutes of:
100 Double-Unders
80 Kettlebell Swings
60 Wall Ball Shots
40 Burpees
20 Toes to Bar

Challenge: set up and warm up each movement.

Oct 2, 2016

10-3-16 WOD

Against a 2-minute running clock, perform the following:
Row 250 Meters
Max Reps Air Squat
Rest 2 minutes between sets, and complete a total of four sets.

Challenge: Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets):
Back Squat x 2-3 reps @30X1 (have a coach or your partner count your tempo so you can focus on movement, not counting!!!)