Dec 10, 2016

CFMA Christmas 2016 BOX event

Hey guys!!! December 21st we will have a CrossFit Rowling event to celebrate the upcoming holiday! Its bowling inspired rowing. Score determined not by time, or calories, but rather, how close a person/team is to hitting a set numbers in meters. Kinda think wheel of fortune and the wheel spinner. But your arms are the wheel! Pretty fun to guestimates how far your pulls will exactly try take you down to the exact meter! Haha. It will be a 10 dollar white elephant (wrapped ) style. We will have one Big class is the PM and hope everyone can make it (morning class will still be on)!!. Have a great weekend! TBA. Enjoy the snow and be safe!  ❄️☃🎄

In a nutshell!:

Dec 21st (time TBA, but please let us know what works for you to help us judge it out)
Team Rowling
$10 white elephant
Be there or we will curl into a ball and cry, also, the snowflakes will turn into baby kittens that will attack you. ❄️❄️❄️🐈🐈🐈😵😵😵🙊

-Your Coaches!!!

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