Feb 28, 2017

3-1-17 WOD

FQ (for quality, go easy about 70%, and quick through gymnastics)
800m Run (l1- 600m Row)
40 Floor Wipers
600m Run (l1- 500m row)
30Push Ups
400m Run (l1- 400m Row)
20 Dips

15min STRICT cap

Challenge: Easy 5 Sets of MU, nothing you will wear hands or be sore from. Pick a low number and go easy! Work no more than 10 banded turn overs if doing this drill (and they should be quick and fast). We may see MU this week. So this is practice only. Nothing we want to be sore from. Complete a 1min chinese plank between sets

Feb 27, 2017

2-28-17 WOD

20 Wall Balls
3 Rounds
15 HSPU Kip Okay
20 TTB (L1 V Ups )
20 Wall Balls

Challenge: Hang Clean Thruster w/ Pause in Lockout 7X1 at set load at no more than 80% of yesterdays 1 feel good push press.

Feb 26, 2017

2-27-17 WOD

Great job to everyone that completed the brutal 17.1!! HQ is having issues with affiliate validation, as well as score submissions... So be sure to let them know if you are unable to submit due to their system being down. If you have been able to submit your score, we are not able to validate as of now. CrossFit Games HQ is aware of our affiliate and our issue and they told us not to worry and they will make it right! So be a little patient and we will get it figured out!!! Onto 17.2!! Remember, this week and the 3 following weeks, will be about movement and consistency, and making sure we are not getting super sore or taping into our CNS to hard!! This will allow us to be strong throughout the open and perform the best on Friday!!!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
10 Strict Pull Ups
12 Push Press Do not exceed 50% 1rm. (and/or use a load you are able to do all 12 regardless of%!)
50 double-unders

Challenge: Build to todays feel good Push Press

Feb 23, 2017

Feb 22, 2017

2-23-17 WOD

5min Row 50-55% effort
4min Row 60-65% effort
3min Row 70-75% effort
2min Row 80-85% effort
1min Row 90-95% effort
90 sec rest between

3 rounds
30 sec hollow rock
30 sec tight arch
Max l-sit
Complete with minimal rest between the 2 movements, rest 90 seconds before completing the next round.

Feb 21, 2017

2-22-17 WOD

7min amrap
Wall Balls 20/14
*Every time you break complete 10 Push Ups (if this is easy for you, complete 3 bar MU)

10min amrap
200m Row
10 Med Ball Cleans
7 Knee Push Ups

Challenge: Push Press Build to todays feel good. 5X2

Feb 20, 2017

2-21-17 WOD

18 min Amrap
24 Cal Row
24 Alt. DB Snatches 50/35
24 Box Jumps

3 RDS for Q
10-20 GHD
10-20 TTB

Feb 19, 2017

2-20-17 WOD

Count down until the OPEN!!

Open 11.4
MEN - includes Masters Men up to 54 years old
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (120lbs / 55kg)
10 Muscle-ups
WOMEN - includes Masters Women up to 54 years old
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (90lbs / 40kg)
10 Ring Muscle-ups
10min Amrap
7 OHS or Other form of Squat
7 Burpees
7 Dips (parallettes okay)

Challenge: Set up For WOD

Feb 16, 2017

2-17-17 WOD

5 Rounds
750m Row
1Min D-ball Hold or 100m walk with D-Ball
5 Slow Strict Pull Ups

*Ball must be held in front of body. Today is more about consistency and control VS GO. Go for quality here!

Feb 15, 2017

2-16-17 WOD

L2- FT (deadlifts should start light and finish with a heavier - straight settable load, don’t exceed the following loads)
30 One-legged Squats  (assist with band from pull up rig and ball under you for stability, or squat to a box and stand back up)
15 Deadlifts 205/135
30 One-legged Squats
15 Deadlifts 225/155
30 One-legged Squats
15 Deadlifts 265/185

13min amrap
5 Deadlifts
5 Squats with plate (hold out in front)
5 burpees

Challenge: Set up for WOD

Feb 14, 2017

2-15-17 WOD

10 Strict Press (Load should be straight settable here, don’t exceed  115/75 )
100 DU (l1 - singles)
10 Strict Press
75 DU
10 Strict Press
50 DU

3 Rounds for q:
Strict Ring Dip X Max reps Pause 2 in bottom and 2 at top
Plank Hold X 1 Min
Back Extensions 10-20 Reps

Feb 13, 2017

2-14-17 V-Day WOD Cheers to our Friends, Families, and Loved Ones!!

Ball N’ Chain
Team 0’ 2
All Movements are to be in SYNCO with Partner!!! (solo OKAY!!)
14 Syncro Deadlifts
14 Plank Burpees (Complete burpees over planked partner)
14 Rainbow Wall Balls You complete the wall ball to bounce over to your partner...it makes a rainbow shape!!!) 
14 V-ups
14 Syncro Box Jumps
13 Syncro Deadlifts
13 Plank Burpees
13 Rainbow Wall Balls
13 V-ups
13 Syncro Box Jumps
12 Syncro Deadlifts
12 Plank Burpees
12 Rainbow Wall Balls
12 V-ups
12 Syncro Box Jumps
11 Syncro Deadlifts
11 Plank Burpees
11 Rainbow Wall Balls
11 V-ups
11 Syncro Box Jumps
10 Syncro Deadlifts
10 Plank Burpees
10 Rainbow Wall Balls
10 V-ups
10 Syncro Box Jumps
9 Syncro Deadlifts
9 Plank Burpees
9 Rainbow Wall Balls
9 V-ups
9 Syncro Box Jumps
8 Syncro Deadlifts
8 Plank Burpees
8 Rainbow Wall Balls
8 V-ups
8 Syncro Box Jumps
7 Syncro Deadlifts
7 Plank Burpees
7 Rainbow Wall Balls
7 V-ups
7 Syncro Box Jumps
6 Syncro Deadlifts
6 Plank Burpees
6 Rainbow Wall Balls
6 V-ups
6 Syncro Box Jumps
5 Syncro Deadlifts
5 Plank Burpees
5 Rainbow Wall Balls
5 V-ups
5 Syncro Box Jumps
4 Syncro Deadlifts
4 Plank Burpees
4 Rainbow Wall Balls
4 V-ups
4 Syncro Box Jumps
3 Syncro Deadlifts
3 Plank Burpees
3 Rainbow Wall Balls
3 V-ups
3 Syncro Box Jumps
2 Syncro Deadlifts
2 Plank Burpees
2 Rainbow Wall Balls
2 V-ups
2 Syncro Box Jumps
1 Syncro Deadlifts
1 Plank Burpees
1 Rainbow Wall Balls
1 V-ups
1 Syncro Box Jumps

Feb 12, 2017

2-13-17 WOD

Challenge: 7 Sets. 1 Halting Clean Deadlift+ 1 Clean Pull + 1 Pause High Hang Squat Clean Note: We are working technique here, not ascending heavy load. Perform as quick reset singles.

15min amrap
200m run
10 hang squat cleans (do not exceed 95/65)
5 Ring MU (the only sub we are doing today is 10 Total strict Pull Ups)

15min amrap
10 supine ring pulls
15 abmat sit ups
12 Gobblet Squats

Feb 9, 2017

2-10-17 WOD

50 Ab Mat sit up Buy in (L1 30):
10 OHSL-1 Power Snatch or any form of squat (do not exceed 135/95, think minimal breaks)
12 TTB L1-V-up/sculling sit ups

Challenge: Tempo Front Squat 5X3 3 down, 3 in the hole same load for all sets

Feb 8, 2017

2-9-17 WOD

5 Rounds
2 minutes:
10 Deadlifts (straighset)
10 Burpee Over the Bar
Max DU
2min Rest
Score = DU

10min amrap
50 singles
10 deads
5 Burpees
Challenge: Sumo Deadlift 7X3 Ascending

Feb 7, 2017

2-8-17 WOD

“Team 10K Row”
Teams of 3:
10,000m Row*
*Athletes change every 250m

L1- Row 10X60 sec intervals for distance. Rest no more than 2 minutes. Or squeeze in on a team for 10k!!!….

Feb 6, 2017

2-7-17 WOD

Complete in A, b, c in any order, just complete everything that that section before moving on!
Build to a Max of the Following (note: please do just ONE set max effort with a minimum of 10 if not going for load or depth)
A)spend 15 minutes in any order
Weighted Push Up
Weighted Dip
Deficit HSPU
Max MU (no subs here, only if you have MU!!!! Cry face!!!!)

B)Spend 15 minutes

C)2minutes max kettlebell burpee box step overs (hold 2 KB, don’t exceed 53’s/35’s)

Feb 5, 2017

2-6-17 WOD

Thrusters/Pull Ups

Challenge: set up/warm up for WOD. 1000m slow row cool down + Mwod post wod

*Athletes, you will notice a little variance in programming. The open is upon us and we are gearing up for this. Weather you sign up to compete or not, you will be able to test yourself with these workouts at the gym when they are announced! There are RX, scaled, and age divisions!!!Our goal in in the coming weeks is to focus on the workout as it would be an OPEN wod. We will put emphasis on warm up, technique and strategy for whatever the WOD is. This will mean you should use the extra time to warm up, and focus on technique prior to the wod!!! We will still have challenges, but with less frequency. You will also see some skill only type days come up as well. If you don't feel like "maxing" or "lifting" please ask your coach for a cardio sub! Also, we hope to see a lot of mobility getting hammered out the next few weeks with some of the focus gearing towards performance and recovery!!!! Nutrition is also very important and will help aid in performance and recovery. If you have any questions, please ask! We're here to help! Hope you guys enjoy a little mix up and have fun!!!!!

XOXO - Your Coaches

Feb 2, 2017

2-3-17 WOD

GHD sit-ups sub K2E L1-Leg Raises
HSPU - KIP OKAY L1-Seated Press
BACK SQUAT L1- Any form of Squat!!!!

Challenge: Set up for WOD

Feb 1, 2017

2-2-17 WOD

Hang squat snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

*Building in load. Do not build on a set that was less than ideal. Know when to stop and call it good. Mechanics, consistency, and Load. If you build to your heavy after 3 sets, you will be done after 3 sets! Or back off in load and progress again with consistency, and I do not recommend trying to hit the same “heavy load” twice if it was kinda sketchy, or really hard the first time!!!

Challenge: PVP drills for warm up for todays lift.