Feb 26, 2017

2-27-17 WOD

Great job to everyone that completed the brutal 17.1!! HQ is having issues with affiliate validation, as well as score submissions... So be sure to let them know if you are unable to submit due to their system being down. If you have been able to submit your score, we are not able to validate as of now. CrossFit Games HQ is aware of our affiliate and our issue and they told us not to worry and they will make it right! So be a little patient and we will get it figured out!!! Onto 17.2!! Remember, this week and the 3 following weeks, will be about movement and consistency, and making sure we are not getting super sore or taping into our CNS to hard!! This will allow us to be strong throughout the open and perform the best on Friday!!!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
10 Strict Pull Ups
12 Push Press Do not exceed 50% 1rm. (and/or use a load you are able to do all 12 regardless of%!)
50 double-unders

Challenge: Build to todays feel good Push Press

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