Feb 5, 2017

2-6-17 WOD

Thrusters/Pull Ups

Challenge: set up/warm up for WOD. 1000m slow row cool down + Mwod post wod

*Athletes, you will notice a little variance in programming. The open is upon us and we are gearing up for this. Weather you sign up to compete or not, you will be able to test yourself with these workouts at the gym when they are announced! There are RX, scaled, and age divisions!!!Our goal in in the coming weeks is to focus on the workout as it would be an OPEN wod. We will put emphasis on warm up, technique and strategy for whatever the WOD is. This will mean you should use the extra time to warm up, and focus on technique prior to the wod!!! We will still have challenges, but with less frequency. You will also see some skill only type days come up as well. If you don't feel like "maxing" or "lifting" please ask your coach for a cardio sub! Also, we hope to see a lot of mobility getting hammered out the next few weeks with some of the focus gearing towards performance and recovery!!!! Nutrition is also very important and will help aid in performance and recovery. If you have any questions, please ask! We're here to help! Hope you guys enjoy a little mix up and have fun!!!!!

XOXO - Your Coaches

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