Apr 6, 2017

4-7-17 WOD

Cindy on Crack
20 min AMRAP
5 BAR MU (Sub C2B)
10 Strict HSPU
15 Front Squat (L2 dont excdeed 96/65) (Regional Prep athletes Don’t exceed 135/95)

L1 Regular Cindy
5 pull ups (ring rows okay)
10 push up
15 squats

*This is a benchmark. Athletes wanting to test their regular cindy, please do so! Because this is a benchmark, we will hold movement to the highest standard to keep scoring comparable and movement standards the same for each athlete that attempts a benchmark score. So don’t be as lenient on athletes going for a true “whiteboard” score!! People will start loosing their hips on push ups, goosenecking pull ups, and dropping chest on squats. Keep the good standards on whiteboard “tests”. Kinda like what we do in the open!


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