May 25, 2017

5-26-17 WOD

20 Back Squats use no more than 65% of todays build
2 mile run
20 back Squats
Each Time you break, on squats, you must do 10 bicep curls.

30 min Time Cap
*IN honor of our friends at CFTD!!! Coach Dan and Vicki getting married tomorrow! Congrats guys! You are awesome!!!

4 Rounds
12 Bsquat or Gobblet Squat
400m run or 500m Row

Challenge:15 Minutes: Warm UP for WOD: Back Squat 5@ 50% 5@60% 3@70 2@75 1@80 1@85 1@90 1@95
Build to todays feel good to get a % for the workout. We don’t want to spend too much time on this (::

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