May 7, 2017

5-8-17 WOD

Heads UP Coach KT and Alex will be in CABO!!!!! May 10th thru 17th!! This means NO RULESS!! JK. Just a heads up, and as of right now Monday the 15th, 4:30 and 5:30 will be cancelled as there is no coach available to fill in this day. Very sorry for any inconvenience. Endurance will still be on at 6:45 as normal this day!! I will take the 4:30 and 5;30 off the schedule for now, but in the event someone's schedule opens up, we will add it back on immediately and let you guys know via Facebook!

Monday Funday
3000m row
Run 1 mile
100 Push Ups

*break up however you like!!

Set Up For WOD

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