Oct 29, 2017


It is that time of the year again! For all you cherry pickers out there we have a special treat for you! We will not be preposting the workout the night before, for the entire month of November! Make sure to bring your gym bag with everything you will need for any type of workout! and if you don't have a gym bag, show up and figure it out, and get a good workout! Many of you may look at a workout and think to yourself, I'm going to take a rest day, I don't need to row a 10K. WRONG! crossfit is about being constantly varied, if you only stay in one time domain or under a similar load your body will only adapt to that. This is why we don't only work just the anaerobic pathways, we do aerobic work, we lift, we have single modality days! So show up with a smile on your face, embrace the suck, and go home with you head held high knowing you just did something you hate and you owned it!!

If I hear about anyone leaking the WOD, I will park my truck, make the 3 1/2 hour drive, find you, and sit and watch you do 500 burpee's before I let you return to a regular class, If you chose not to do the burpee's, find another gym!!!! This is no joke, I take this vary seriously! DO NOT LEAK THE WOD!

Those of you following our programming, I will post every night after class at 8pm

Have fun, love coach ALEX

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