Feb 7, 2018

2-8-18 WOD

Teams of 2:
For time
300/200 Cal row
120 pull ups (open athletes c2b)
60 Clean and Jerk 75/55 (open athletes 115/80)
50 Clean and Jerk 95/65 (open athletes 135/95)
40 Clean and Jerk 105/75(open athletes 155/105)
30 Clean and Jerk 115/80 (open athletes 185/135
20 Clean and Jerk 135/95 (open athletes 205/145)

*Cleans and jerks are all power

30 min CAP!
If you can choose a column that works well as a met con for you great. Pick loads that work for you!!! These are guidelines only!

* NO bands for pull ups today . Open will call for jumping or jumping c2b, so we will be practicing this standard.

18 min amrap
30/20Cal row
15 jumping pull ups (jumping c2b if you have them!)
10 clean and jerks

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