May 15, 2018

5-16-18 WOD

MURPH CHALLENGE is coming soon! Next week
we will have some prep work. Note it will be
meant to go through the movements to prepare.
Bring a vest if you have it and it will not destroy
you or your handsies!!!! Its meant to be fairly laid
back, and simply moving through the movements
with load if skill level allows.

“Double Crossed”
Pwr Clean and Jerk 75/55
30 DU between Rounds - L1 60 Singles

7X2 BTN Split Jerk w/ Pause in receive on both
reps before bringing feet back together.

Add load as technique allows. Focus on footwork.
Not load. *Goal is to have no “press out” finishes
and to have consistent footwork. Use speed and
technique to hit each rep. Use tall jerk drill for warm
up to eliminate slow lock outs.

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