May 29, 2018

5-30-18 WOD

6 Hang PWR Snatch (linkable)
6 DB Burpee Box Step Overs (hold 2 DB. Aim for height that puts knee right at or slightly below hip level for the step ups)
32 Sit Ups

6 Hang PWR Snatch
6 Burpees
6 Alternating lunges (With Load if possible. Preferably w/ two DB or KB)
Scale Sit Ups as needed - aim for 22 reps!

Challenge: 4X6 KB Press w/ 1 FULL second pause at finish(6R & 6L = 1 complete set)
Find good Rack position, controlled quick press, focus on path of travel, Pause 1 FULL second in Lock out of each rep.)
* If you need to challenge trunk control/stability, complete these from a seated position.

PS. Happy Birthday Alex

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