May 30, 2018

5-31-18 WOD

21min EMOM
1)5-7 Strict HSPU  L1 – 5-10 Stink Bugs –
Use this sub BEFORE db press for today.
Get in best possible position.
2)20-30 Unbroken DU – Sub 20 Sec
Max Effort Attempt – L1 35 singles
3)6 TnG Deadlifts – Heavy with No loss of
speed in the TnG
*Coaches – Make sure athletes know what
TnG means and start with appropriate load.
TAKE LOAD off if any less that ideal technique
is used.  I wouldn’t have any regular athletes over
185/135 as an average. Focus on packing
shoulders and efficiency.
Challenge: Set Up for Deadlift Load &
HS Positioning. Use this time to dial in stink bug
off floor, or maybe feet on a box ect (increasing

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