Nov 29, 2018

11/30/18 WOD

5 Rounds L1/L2
5 DB hang clean R - Right into...5 Push Press R
5 DB hang clean L - Right into...5 Push Press L
20 Ft HS Walk (l1 40 Sec overhead Hold - choose load that requires stabilization)
10 TTB (15-20 sculling sit ups)

Challenge: BTN Snatch Push Press Building. Press out should be Quick.  Speed dictates load.

Nov 28, 2018

11/29/18 WOD

Back Squat
3min MAX REPS - Add at least 2 reps from lasts
weeks attempt. Same load. Next week is 1RM.

Additional Work
Bulgarian Split Squat 3X10 EACH LEG
Single Leg Barbell Dead 3X7 Each Leg
(LIGHT - dont touch floor if you have plates)
Supermans 3X30 Seconds

Back Extensions 3X15

Nov 27, 2018

11/28/18 WOD

Calorie Row
200m Run Between

Challenge* This will be last week of squat cycle. If you have been hitting each week, focus on physical recovery

Sumo - Deadlift 7X3 building or around 75% -Athletes choosing to skip can start WOD and M-WOD glutes/hips/Quads

Nov 26, 2018

11/27/18 WOD

10 RFT
20 DU (l1 - 30 singles)
5 Strict HSPU  (seated press ok)

Challenge: 1 min Plank RIGHT INTO…. 2 min Max AbMat Sit Ups

  • THIS thursday will last week of squat cycle. Athletes allowing ample recovery will get the most out of it. If you want numbers to go up, cut back on intensity of “wods”, maybe take an additional day off or simply come in for a light row, focus on recovery, and get ready for another 3minutes of sqwats! Re-Test will be next week…!!!

Nov 25, 2018

11-26-18 WOD

Clean and Jerk (6 Every min (10mins))
Choose and weight you can touch and go comfortably with.

For Time:

100/70 Cal. Assault Bike

Nov 18, 2018

11-19-18 WOD

OPEN 14.4
14min AMRAP
60 Cal Row
50 TTB (L1 - Leg raises)
40 Wall Balls
30 Cleans 135/95
20 MU

Nov 13, 2018

11-14-18 WOD

Back Squat
5X5 Building to a heavy 5.

Use 75% of your best(positioning) heavy set load and complete
3min AMRAP: MAX SQUATS. Stop before failing any lift. Note total reps completed

*If tension or ROM will be an issue, sub what you would wish here. Box squat could be good if implemented with proper depth and torso positioning. Avoiding the good morning motion.

*M-WOD for next weeks squats to improve upon this 3 minute AMRAP.

3X10 Bulgarian Split Squats
2X1min of seated Calf Raises w/ light load
2X20 Back Extentions
3X10 Single Leg KB Deadlifts

Nov 12, 2018

11-13-18 WOD

Challenge: 30-50 Total Reps for Position And Quality of Bent Over Barbell Row - Supine Grip for first half then switch grip to finish.

10min amrap
5 Hang Clean + 5 Strict Press (10 reps unbroken) - Open Athletes Use 55/35# DB
20 DU/40 Singles

10 V-Ups

Nov 11, 2018

11-12-18 WOD

Challenge: N/A

4 rds
30 KB Swings (1.5/1)
30 Yard KB Lunge (1.5/1)

300m Run  

Nov 10, 2018


*Optional post/pre workout!
100 TTB
*each time you break, complete 30 DU


For time:
2-minute handstand hold
100 squats
25-meter handstand walk
100 squats
20 handstand push-ups


For time:
2-minute inverted hold off box
50 squats
25-meter bear crawl
50 squats
30 knee push-ups

Nov 8, 2018

11-9-18 WOD

10 Minutes to work on

1 muscle Clean + 3 Hang PWR Clean (no knee hip or knee bend on muscle clean. Warm UP PVC. Know the movement before adding any load.) *Coaches note: Muscle clean is a technique used for proper leg drive and hip opening encouraging drive and power. MOST ATHLETE WILL want to bend the back once 70% effort it reached. Make sure they know this common fault and know how to avoid. We do not want disk injuries! Suggest staying at a certain load if the technique is challenged.

Double DB or KB Hang Power Clean (go for unbroken) L1-scale load
Burpee to 6’’ target (l1 no target needed) L1- burpees

Nov 7, 2018

11-8-18 WOD

Challenge: Back Squat 5X3 @85% (lighter Volume, Heavier Load.)

4 Rounds
21 Wall Balls (if you have been able hit back squats consistently - reduce reps if needed- or cut out all-together. We want legs to benefit from our squatting)
18 Pull Ups
15 Russian Swings

3 rounds
21 goblet squats
18 ring rows/ banded pull ups
15 Russian swings

12 knee push ups

Nov 6, 2018

11-7-18 WOD

Challenge: Build/Work on todays Feel Good Hang Power Snatch. 10 Minutes

5 rounds
50 DU (L1-80 singles)

15 Hang PWR Snatch - Light/linkable 75/55 (L1-10 reps)

Nov 5, 2018

11-6-18 WOD

Challenge: 3 Sets: Max Reps @ 80 % of last weeks 1 rep strict press.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:

Burpee Box Jump
10 meter HS Walk (sub Wall Walks)

10-1 of:
Seated Alternating KB strict Press (holding non pressing side in locked out position and switching arms at the top)

Burpee box step Up

Nov 4, 2018

11-5-18 WOD

10 Rounds:
1 min row
1 min rest

Scale Back rounds as needed/recommended by coach

4 Sets
Bulgarian Split Squats: Holding DB’s or KB’s if able

7 Each Side

Nov 2, 2018

10-3-18 WOD

Squat Clean Elizabeth
Squat Cleans 135/95
Ring Dips
*cap 15 min

Challenge: Workup to 85 % effort s.clean. use for warm up for WOD

Nov 1, 2018

11-2-18 WOD

Back Squat
Goal is heavier than 10-19-18 (2 weeks ago)

50 Burpees
50 HSPU - kip
50 Strict Pull Ups

8 Rounds
9 Jumping Pull Ups
7 Seated press
5 Burpees

Scale back on sets if needed