Mar 26, 2020

Friday 3/27
“Deck of Cards”
Spades – Goblet Squats
Clubs – Burpees
Diamonds – Sit-Ups
Hearts – Single Arm DB Snatches

Aces = 1 rep. All face cards = 10 reps.

Comp train has a free app if you are interested

Example: shuffle your deck, flip over a card and the two of spades = 2 goblet squats. Queen of hearts = 10 single arm DB snatches.

Use objects at home that you can safely grip and move well.


  1. 43:00 minutes. Used app but not sure how many cards I did.

  2. Cards shmards, 43 minutes is solid for sure!! Nice work!

  3. Hah I just figured out that I was supposed to tap the card when I was done. I was swiping them which put them at the back of the deck. Yikes I think Zi did more than 52 cards. I thought it seemed like I did some of them more than once Duh!

    1. Good to know!! Yikes, the deck that never ends!!

  4. Slight variation - I used the Finish 52 Deck of Death app. It was an easy google download. Time: 31:43. Hearts=burpees, clubs=air squats, diamonds=sit ups, spades=push ups

  5. Did the weights/gym version: front squat challenge got up to 140#, WOD (modified the bar muscle ups) 6 + 10